Sunday, March 30

Yep... it's gastro...

Well, there has been a bit of spewing and diarrhoea happening here yesterday, interspersed with frequent changes of clothes (due to leakage or vomit)... But despite all this, Elizabeth has been pretty happy and cheerful.... even dancing around... and last night doing somersaults for the grandparents... she was only really been upset when she had just vomitted (understandably.... yesterday afternoon she had a quick nap, threw up in her sleep and woke up with vomit in her eye... I'd be upset too if that happened to me!). She is such a little trooper and hasn't really complained too much at all... And last night she slept through the night without waking once... she woke up at 6:45am... but was still really tired, so I changed her nappy (she still has diarrhoea) and then put her back in her cot and covered up in warm blankets and patted her back to sleep for 30 minutes... and now she's still sleeping... she must be exhausted from this bug.


Anonymous said...

hi clara

in melbourne and still had to check your blog, hope the beth is feeling better...



Maria said...

Hey Clara,

Happy to help :-)

I forgot to mention the whole reason that dairy is a no-no. It is because when they get gastro, they vomit so much that they lose most of the good bacteria lining the gut, so they sort of become lactose intolerant temporarily. When you do start on the dairy (and I would wait til about day 4) start with a plain yoghurt that has acidophilus bifidus in it. There is a brand called "vaalia" of baby yoghurt that has it added. I am not sure if it is available in qld, but I know that both Coles and Foodland stock it here.

Clara, you're doing a great job. You're probably over then whole cleaning up vomit/poo thing.... I know I was! The fact that little Beth is still grooving is reassuring, keep up the fluids, that's the most important thing and she'll come good.

Sweet kisses to little Beth.