Sunday, March 16

I have a new camera *happy dance*

Although I wasn't seriously in the market for a new camera, somehow today Phan, Beth and I went shopping and at once point started browsing electronics/tv stores (as per Phan's habit of looking at TVs even though we don't need one) and we came across a Canon 40D body (a step above from the entry level 400D which I have)... I've just been wanting to see one in real life to see how big and heavy it is in person (it's 300g heavier than the 400D) and when I saw it I asked to hold it to see what it was like - I was interested in it's weight and it wasn't that bad... it had a pretty hot price on it which we managed to bargain down a bit further... and then got it put on interest free for that bargained down price... so we didn't even have to outlay anything today! I had to wait for the battery to charge up, so didn't get that much of a chance to play with it tonight... but it's significantly different enough to the 400D that I need to read the manual and really have a good twiddle with it to get used to it... But so far, I am loving it... it's actually feels better in the hand because it balances with my 24-70mm L series lens much nicer (felt a bit front heavy with 400D)... and it makes a cool different shutter sound... and boy oh boy is it fast! Not too sure I'll be having too many good photos to show in the near future while I learn how to use my new baby... but I'll be practising... :)

On a separate note... poor Beth has a runny nose that is just dripping like a tap... she's in a pretty good mood considering... but she hates having her nose wiped... and everytime I look at her I want to wipe her nose because it's dripping!

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