Tuesday, March 18

Still photo-less...

Sorry I'm still photo-less... I had been planning to take some photos this afternoon, but we got caught up running errands.

We started the day early - Beth was awake at 6am. She hasn't done that in a while...

Took Phan to work, then breakfast, shower and then we went out and I finally went and changed my driver's license over... so I now have a qld license... and boy are they primitive. They are laminated cards... much like the ones you used use for id in uni! They look pretty easy to forge!

After that, we went to a nearby park at Chermside... it was a pretty cool park... lots of cool equipment... but we'd only been there 10 minutes when there 2 random big dogs came over... I quickly scooped Beth up and waited for the dogs' owner to appear... and they never did! So Beth and I climbed up onto some high playground equipment and she had a snack and we waited for the dogs to go away... you hear so many scary stories about dog attacks, that I was a bit freaked out... it didn't help that one of the dogs looked like a pitbull x... so we sat up there for 10 minutes and the dogs ran around frolicked together all over the place, but kept returning to where Beth and I were sitting and "play" barking at us... it was still all a bit unnerving... anyway... a short while later, I came to the decision that we were going to be stuck up here because the dogs weren't going away, so I just calmed myself down and we climbed down from the equipment.. the dogs were pretty happy and just ran circles around us... and I just carried Beth high up in my arm (times like this I wish I was a little taller)... anyway, we got to the car okay and I opened the door and ones of the dogs stuck their head in the car... but i managed to get it out of the way, and then Beth and I got into the back seat of the car and I closed the door. We were safe! What a relief! Strapped Beth into her seat and then I climbed from the backseat to the front. At this point, once Beth and I were in the car, the dogs had run off down the street... so they had only been hanging around us because we were humans I think... I think they may have hoped we could help them get home, as I'm sure they just escaped from their home.

So we headed home after that little scary experience... and then Beth had some lunch and had her nap. In the afternoon, popped out to run more boring errands and then caught up with Sharon and Em and we all went to the park for a bit.... then came home, Beth chilled in her beanbag while I made dinner and then gave her some dinner (rice and last night's stew) and then we went to pick up Phan.

Then Phan and I had dinner (com tam bi - broken rice with shredded pork... although, I didn't have any broken rice so I had to use normal rice) and Beth ate again with us... I didn't think she'd like it (which is why I gave her stew), but she loved it... so that was a surprise.

She stayed up a little late... but I think she's pretty tired from all the excitement today... as am I!

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