Thursday, April 30

Love. This. Moment.

Love. This. Moment.

The benefits of owning a G10... I can take one handed shots with my camera as it is pointing at me and Beth! (No hope of trying to do that with my 40D... my arm muscles aren't strong enough!) I'm also sporting my new cropped haircut in this photo... I'm still getting used to it...

Wednesday, April 29

The John Mayer Fan

She has impeccable taste in music... what more can I say? :) Sorry for the bad quality video... she's moving at such a frenetic pace, it's hard to capture! And for those who haven't seen our home, the reason Beth keeps looking to the left of the screen is because her little dressing table is set up in the corner and she likes to look at herself whilst she dances and sings... LOL...

Tuesday, April 28

Another Woot For Me!

I'm think I'm having a great week digi-scrapping wise... First I my LO comes second in that challenge at digital-crea, and now I'm soooo excited to be announcing that I am now CTing for NinaScraps @ Oscraps! Yes, I'm blurring the lines between my digiscrap blog and my personal blog just for this because I am bursting at the seams! (That and my digiscrap blog has been sadly neglected this year... something I'm going to be correcting very soon.) I found out late last night and I was so buzzed I could hardly sleep (to those who don't digi-scrap, this could be seen as being a bit sad, but I don't care!) I'm joining an international group of amazing, inspirational scrappers... actually I'm a bit daunted by the talent, but I'll be doing my best for the team and I'm so looking forward to be part Nina's team.

Monday, April 27

The Wookiee

Ty just reminded me of the photos I took of him dressed up as Chewbacca when he was out trooping for the Relay for Life fundraiser for The Cancer Council (a worthy cause!) at Tea Tree Plaza while we were back visiting Adelaide. The photos were on my G10, and I had forgotten to download the photos off that camera... I'm so sorry Ty! So to make up for it, this post is dedicated to you Ty and the big hairy Wookiee...

Lost In the Woods

Lost In The Woods

I took this photo quite a while ago... (actually back in mid-march)... I really wanted to do a shoot in this gorgeous little spot we'd found whilst bike riding around... I knew the light in the afternoon here was to die for... so I dressed up Beth and had Phan come along to help out in guiding Beth into the right spots... Unfortunately, Beth wasn't really in the mood for photos... so I had something like a 10 minute window before she really cracked it... and I found this whole sunflare business really quite hard and I left feeling quite disappointed by the shoot... A quick review showed nothing I really loved... but I revisited this set of photos and found this photo, which has actually come up beautifully with some pp-ing... I'm really pleased with it now. Sheye has even commented and said it's one of her all time favourites images from me... so I'm feeling all motivated again now to go and try out the sunflare again... Was going to go this afternoon, but Beth's still got a snotty nose and I'm getting another sore throat... so maybe once we get better...

Sunday, April 26

Family, Food, Fun Times, A Cold & An Itchy Rash

The title pretty much sums up our week long visit back home to Adelaide... It was sooo good to spend quality time with all the family, I got to satisfy my food cravings and we had some great laughs with friends and family. The downside... Beth got sick about 3 days into our visit, but despite running a high fever, a runny nose and a horrid cough, she was still happy and spent most days dancing around as her energetic self! I also developed an allergic reaction to the antibiotic I was taking for my ear infection, which resulted in me breaking out in a light-sensitive rash! Phan and I have an ongoing joke that I must be getting allergic to Adelaide, because it seems everytime we come back home something goes wrong with me... the last couple of times, I've gotten a bad stomach bug just as we land in Adelaide!

I really can't be bothered doing a day-by-day review... especially since on a couple of days we just stayed in because it rained all day and Beth was sick... I guess things to note were -

- Beth wasn't anxious at all on this trip... she travelled amazingly well on the plane. We told her we were going to visit Ong Ba Noi and that we were going on a plane that would fly in the sky... and that seemed to help and had her really excited about the trip. She have everyone hugs as soon as she saw them (which is a far cry from the last few trips where she is clingy and nervous to start with). She is really beginning to remember everyone now...

- I got a haircut... I'm now sporting a funky, page boy style of haircut... I wasn't sure about it to start with, but I love it now... So liberating!

- I got to eat all of my favourite foods that I'd been craving... yum cha, tay do banh mi, chao tom... and Phan's mum made the best dinners (thank you for cooking for all of us, Me!)... hu tieu, heo quay, thit nuong, goi cuon, pho... mmmm... yum.... we ate really well! I even got a chance to browse around the Central Markets with Bec for an hour on day... I couldn't buy anything (although, I did sneak in a box of porcini mushrooms to bring back to Brissie as I've had trouble locating any here!), but it just felt good to browse through the stalls and just oogle all the yummy things...

- Phan played a lot of xbox/ps3 games with his brothers... actually most nights they were trying to whoop each other's asses at something whether it was FIFA, Wii or Halo 3... It was funny listening to them!

- One night when Beth was sick, she decided to wake up at 2:30am... she just couldn't seem to get back to sleep... at 3:30am, she decided she was hungry and proclaimed that she wanted something to eat... and that it had to be a mandarin. 20 minutes later, she was still hungry and wanted grapes... By 4:30am, she had no intention of going back to bed, so Phan and I booted her out to hang out with Ong who had woken up at 4:30am to watch a soccer game (Liverpool vs Arsenal). She was playing with some times and talking at regular volume as if it was noon. Phan and I thougth she was nuts! 5am... Beht came back to bed and then slept 'til 8:30am. What a crazy night... it felt like some really weird slumber party... and suffice to say Phan and I weren't impressed!

For some bizarre reason, I don't tend to take a lot of photos when we visit home... which is really daft, because I should be capturing all our family moments together because it doesn't happen very often... I think I just get so wrapped up in enjoying everyone's company and relaxing and seeing everyone interact with Beth that I just forget. I tried to make more of a concerted effort to take photos this time around, but even then, on review, I really haven't taken that many at all... Phong took quite a few though... so between the two of us, here's a small selection of photos that sum up our trip -

Saturday, April 25


Just landed back in Brisbane about an hour ago... lots of of updates and photos to share... but I'll be back later with a proper update!

I just went to check out one of my latest favourite digital scrapbooking sites - Digital-Crea... I've put a couple of freebie kits they've got going on in my shopping cart. Anyway... a couple of weeks ago I entered a competition/challenge they were running... people had to submit one LO using the freebie collaboration kit - Delicate Spring - they were giving away and there were vouchers for the store up for grabs for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.

Anyway... on the home page of Digital-Crea, my LO is listed! My LO won *second place*! OMG... I am so totally stoked! I won a 20 euro voucher to spend in the store... (okay, so this is not going to be that exciting for most people, but to me that's a huge deal and 20 euros can but quite a few digital kits!) I can't wait to go shopping tonight!

I just had to share, because I am soooo excited! I'll leave you with the LO that submitted to the competition ...

The Party Girl

Journalling Reads -
All dressed up and ready to go to Skylar’s place to celebrate her 3rd birthday... You were looking forward to the party so much and had practiced saying “Happy Birthday Skylar” (incessantly!) all morning. These photos were taken just before we went to the party, you were being so silly for the camera! You had a wonderful time (although you were a bit uncertain at the beginning of the party) and after the party had finished you spent the afternoon repeating your recollections of the party to me... “Jumping Castle”... “Cake”... “Icecream”... “Chocolate Frog”... “Fairy”... “Happy Birthday Skylar”...
“Party Hat”.... “Elmo Balloon”.. “Jumping Castle”....

Delicate Spring - Collaboration from digital-crea
Font - Garamond Premier Pro

Thursday, April 16

Birthday Candles

Birthday Candles
One Lonely Candle

Happy Birthday Daddy

Happy Birthday Daddy

Happy Birthday Phan! We love you so very very much. We have been practising saying "Happy Birthday Daddy" all week... Beth's pretty good at it now... although it's taken a fair bit of practise... It started off as "Happy Birthday Skylar Daddy" (because Beth still remembered Skylar's birthday... how cute is that?) And then morphed into a dyslexic "Happy Daddy Birthday"... and finally we have mastered "Happy Birthday Daddy". Hope you have a wonderful, wonderful day Phan...

Wednesday, April 15

Giving Mummy Some Cheek

Giving Mum Some Cheek...

From the same shoot that the "Party Girl" series was taken.

Thank you to everyone who left me get well vibes in the comments of my last post... I think I'm starting to get a bit better... throat still kills, but only one ear hurts now... although, that hasn't been helped by Beth squealing and singing along to John Mayer on DVD tonight (although, I love that she is a John Mayer fan!)

This morning we went to a Cushion Concert at QPAC. It's a concert held by the Queensland Symphony Orchestra with the conductor (who in this case was from Norway) dressed up as a clown and hamming it up a bit and making classical music and the orchestra more accessible to young kids. It's aimed at the 3-7 year olds I think, but Beth thoroughly enjoyed it... She actually sat still for almost the entire concert, only getting up at the end to dance to a circus polka that was obviously too irresistable to not dance to. She even sat in her own chair (with a cushion on it)... now *that* surprised me, because I thought she would have been nervous of the big crowd, and would have wanted to sit on my lap, but nope, even when I offered my lap (because I thought she might get a better view from my lap), she insisted on sitting on her own. I loved that she enjoyed it so much... I actually enjoyed the concert myself... it was fun, music and I had a lovely time oogling the pipe organ in the concert hall... just divine... I wonder what it sounds like...

Okay, gotta get some rest, I've a heap of laundry to do tomorrow and some things I need to get done before we head off on a trip back home to Adelaide on Friday... Looking forward to going home and catching up with family and friends and having them see what a chatterbox Beth has turned into... Also looking forward to some gooooood food (yes, the foodie in me is looking forward to chao tom, bracegirdles, tay do bread rolls and yum cha... and I really want to go and visit the Central Markets! Bring it on... (and please make my ear stop hurting...)

Monday, April 13


Last night Beth woke up in the wee hours of the morning crying out... I went to resettle her and she was dreaming and pointing and getting annoyed... then she said "Go!"... So I asked her, "Where do you want to go?" and in her dream-state she answered "Shop!" I was chuckling to myself, 'cos she was so cute, so I tried to half wake her and said "We can't go to the shops... It's night time... Time to go back to sleep." And then she started doing this whingy cry at me for not letting her go to the shops... Very cute and hilarious... After about half an hour she settled down and went back to sleep. She's must be going through a dreaming phase now...

Sorry, I've been missing in action on the blog... I came down with a fever last Thursday and have been feeling pretty awful for all of Easter. Now I have a throat and ear infection... I just got back from driving around for an hour looking for a pharmacy that was open so I could get some antibiotics... I just want my ears to get better before we get on a plane on Friday to fly home to Adelaide and I wish my throat would stop killing me so I can eat something without being in pain! Send me some get well vibes!

Tuesday, April 7

Hanging Around

The Swinging Monkey

Taken at our local park yesterday... I was trying out my new camera (I've got quite a collection now!)... a Canon G10... which I bought for our upcoming holiday in San Diego, because I don't want to lug the 40D with me... (day trip in unfamiliar country + toddler + heavy camera + by myself = too much hard work!) The G10 is a fabulous high-end P&S camera... really happy with the quality of photos and it's easy to use with kind of familiar controls for me... It shoots RAW (although, I've just been shooting JPEG so far) and I can attach my 580EX speedlite to it... which looks rather ridiculous and top heavy, but works well!

Sunday, April 5

The Party Girl

The Party Girl

Beth got invited to a birthday party on Saturday... It was her friend Skylar's third birthday party... and particularly special because Skylar is Beth's first "real friend" (as in Beth and Skylar became friends of their own accord... It's probably fair to say that most of Beth's friends have started off as being arranged because I have become friend's with the mum first and then us arranging playdates for the girls to become acquainted... (yes, interferring mums.. :))... but in the case of Veronica, who is Beth's other good friend, they have really hit it off as a result of us "setting up their friendship"). Anyway, I digress... I had spent the latter part of last week teaching Beth to say "Happy Birthday Skylar"... (which often ended up as Beth saying "Happy Skylar"... a sentiment I'm sure was true, but not quite the correct expression... :p) and by Saturday morning, I was listening to Beth say "Happy Birthday Skylar" over and over like a broken record for about half an hour!

We had a wonderful time at the party (okay, maybe not for the first 30-45 minutes.. Beth got a bit freaked out by the people that were there that she didn't know, esp the strange men!), but once we played a game of pass the parcel and got to eat a Freddo frog, she was much happier and had a ball dancing to "The Fairies" on TV, jumping in the jumping castle, having icecream cake and playing musical statues. It was a great party... and lovely to get the opportunity to meet Skylar's parents, who were just delightful.

Beth crashed out in the car on the way home... and had a massive 1.5 hour nap, before waking up in the the most chipper mood and started telling me about all the things at the party... Our conversation went something like -

Beth - "Jumping Castle!"
Me - "Yes, there was a jumping castle at the party".
Beth - "Party! Skylar Party"
Me - "Yes, did we have fun at Skylar's party?"
Beth - "Party! Party Hat!"
Me - "Yes, you liked wearing the party hat didn't you?"
Beth - "Happy Birthday Skylar"
Me - "Yes, that's what we said when we saw Skylar."
Beth - "Dinosaur... "
Me - "Yes, you ate dinosaurs didn't you?" (the natural confectionery kind!)
Beth - "Cake"
Me - "Yes, we had cake at the party too"
Beth - "Icecream"
Me - "Yes, icecream cake... it was yummy"
Beth - "Chocolate frog!"
Me - "And the chocolate frog was good too." (notice how she takes huge notice of the food)
Beth - "Jumping Castle!"

LOL... It is so hilariously cute having a conversation which involves recalling events with a 2 year old!

The series of photos, I took just before we headed off to the party... Beth decided to ham it up and be really silly in the 5 minutes I had to take some snaps... and that last photo is a real "classic" Beth shot, because she always covers her face when she's scared or doesn't want to do something (the latter in this case!)