Sunday, April 5

The Party Girl

The Party Girl

Beth got invited to a birthday party on Saturday... It was her friend Skylar's third birthday party... and particularly special because Skylar is Beth's first "real friend" (as in Beth and Skylar became friends of their own accord... It's probably fair to say that most of Beth's friends have started off as being arranged because I have become friend's with the mum first and then us arranging playdates for the girls to become acquainted... (yes, interferring mums.. :))... but in the case of Veronica, who is Beth's other good friend, they have really hit it off as a result of us "setting up their friendship"). Anyway, I digress... I had spent the latter part of last week teaching Beth to say "Happy Birthday Skylar"... (which often ended up as Beth saying "Happy Skylar"... a sentiment I'm sure was true, but not quite the correct expression... :p) and by Saturday morning, I was listening to Beth say "Happy Birthday Skylar" over and over like a broken record for about half an hour!

We had a wonderful time at the party (okay, maybe not for the first 30-45 minutes.. Beth got a bit freaked out by the people that were there that she didn't know, esp the strange men!), but once we played a game of pass the parcel and got to eat a Freddo frog, she was much happier and had a ball dancing to "The Fairies" on TV, jumping in the jumping castle, having icecream cake and playing musical statues. It was a great party... and lovely to get the opportunity to meet Skylar's parents, who were just delightful.

Beth crashed out in the car on the way home... and had a massive 1.5 hour nap, before waking up in the the most chipper mood and started telling me about all the things at the party... Our conversation went something like -

Beth - "Jumping Castle!"
Me - "Yes, there was a jumping castle at the party".
Beth - "Party! Skylar Party"
Me - "Yes, did we have fun at Skylar's party?"
Beth - "Party! Party Hat!"
Me - "Yes, you liked wearing the party hat didn't you?"
Beth - "Happy Birthday Skylar"
Me - "Yes, that's what we said when we saw Skylar."
Beth - "Dinosaur... "
Me - "Yes, you ate dinosaurs didn't you?" (the natural confectionery kind!)
Beth - "Cake"
Me - "Yes, we had cake at the party too"
Beth - "Icecream"
Me - "Yes, icecream cake... it was yummy"
Beth - "Chocolate frog!"
Me - "And the chocolate frog was good too." (notice how she takes huge notice of the food)
Beth - "Jumping Castle!"

LOL... It is so hilariously cute having a conversation which involves recalling events with a 2 year old!

The series of photos, I took just before we headed off to the party... Beth decided to ham it up and be really silly in the 5 minutes I had to take some snaps... and that last photo is a real "classic" Beth shot, because she always covers her face when she's scared or doesn't want to do something (the latter in this case!)


Anonymous said...

Love the sequence of photos it captures her personality. Cheeky little monkey...



Anonymous said...

ooh she looks so grown up!


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