Tuesday, April 7

Hanging Around

The Swinging Monkey

Taken at our local park yesterday... I was trying out my new camera (I've got quite a collection now!)... a Canon G10... which I bought for our upcoming holiday in San Diego, because I don't want to lug the 40D with me... (day trip in unfamiliar country + toddler + heavy camera + by myself = too much hard work!) The G10 is a fabulous high-end P&S camera... really happy with the quality of photos and it's easy to use with kind of familiar controls for me... It shoots RAW (although, I've just been shooting JPEG so far) and I can attach my 580EX speedlite to it... which looks rather ridiculous and top heavy, but works well!


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you got the G10 sooo much better than using the D4 :P


Ty Phoon said...

Who were you trying to kid Clara? The 40D would be way too heavy to lug around! ;) Glad you went with the G10 option too... hehe