Wednesday, April 15

Giving Mummy Some Cheek

Giving Mum Some Cheek...

From the same shoot that the "Party Girl" series was taken.

Thank you to everyone who left me get well vibes in the comments of my last post... I think I'm starting to get a bit better... throat still kills, but only one ear hurts now... although, that hasn't been helped by Beth squealing and singing along to John Mayer on DVD tonight (although, I love that she is a John Mayer fan!)

This morning we went to a Cushion Concert at QPAC. It's a concert held by the Queensland Symphony Orchestra with the conductor (who in this case was from Norway) dressed up as a clown and hamming it up a bit and making classical music and the orchestra more accessible to young kids. It's aimed at the 3-7 year olds I think, but Beth thoroughly enjoyed it... She actually sat still for almost the entire concert, only getting up at the end to dance to a circus polka that was obviously too irresistable to not dance to. She even sat in her own chair (with a cushion on it)... now *that* surprised me, because I thought she would have been nervous of the big crowd, and would have wanted to sit on my lap, but nope, even when I offered my lap (because I thought she might get a better view from my lap), she insisted on sitting on her own. I loved that she enjoyed it so much... I actually enjoyed the concert myself... it was fun, music and I had a lovely time oogling the pipe organ in the concert hall... just divine... I wonder what it sounds like...

Okay, gotta get some rest, I've a heap of laundry to do tomorrow and some things I need to get done before we head off on a trip back home to Adelaide on Friday... Looking forward to going home and catching up with family and friends and having them see what a chatterbox Beth has turned into... Also looking forward to some gooooood food (yes, the foodie in me is looking forward to chao tom, bracegirdles, tay do bread rolls and yum cha... and I really want to go and visit the Central Markets! Bring it on... (and please make my ear stop hurting...)

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