Monday, October 26

A Conversation

A conversation between me and Beth while she was sitting on the toilet this evening -

Beth: Mummy, I hear thunder.
Me: Yes, I hear thunder too.
Beth: I hear rain.
Me: Yes, there's lots of rain.
Beth: I hear clouds.
Me: Clouds? You have very good hearing if you can hear clouds.
Beth: *lifts up her t-shirt* Look! I have hips!
Me: Yes (bewildered at the fast change of topic), you do have hips.
Beth: I need more hips.
Me: I don't think so... everybody only needs 2 hips.
Beth: Mummy has hips.
Me: Yes, I do have hips.
Beth: Everybody needs more boobs.
Me: *laughing*...

I didn't know what to say to that. Perhaps we do all need more boobs... :)

Sunday, October 18

Happy Anniversary To My Wonderful Other Half...

We're on the otherside of half a decade of being married today... How the time has flown and what a life we've built together so far... I'm ever grateful everyday that we found each other ... He is and has always been the perfect other half for me and we are so blessed to have the little family that we do.

Well, Phan in his ever true detective ways, sussed out what my latest "want" in photography was and after thorough research and the help of a scheming sister (Emmi - you're in big trouble missy!), I have been oh-so-spoilt today and am now the proud owner of a Canon 100mm f/2.8 USM IS L series macro lens.... This is a very new lens that Canon released very recently and apparently has been quite hard to source... but in his usual style, Phan managed to source one for me... I am married to the most wonderful man! :)

Today has been a lovely day... church, a spot of shopping and we had lunch out... and tonight I shall be cooking fillet mignons for us to have for dinner... yum and we shall spend a nice romantic evening on the couch... possibly watching Playschool at the request of Miss Beth... but maybe we can persuade her to let us watching something else... :)

Of course, I can't do a post without including something taken with the new baby - so here's a little peek at what this new lens can do... I really wanted to go walking and find some flowers to take some photos of, but it was much too windy to do that, so we'll have to save that for later in the week...

The World Is A Colourful Place

That photo is also part of the reason why the blogging has been infrequent lately - apologies! I'm just beginning to regret one of my hare-brained schemes that involves me having to sew a dozen little aprons for Beth's upcoming birthday (full-details of this event to be revealed in due time!)... So my spare time has been somewhat consumed with this not-so-little task at hand!

Saturday, October 17

Little Miss Helpful


Beth has been very helpful this morning... Firstly declaring.. "Mummy, I want to put clothes in the washing something" (by "washing something", I'm pretty sure she meant "washing machine"... :p)... Then she helped me by hanging out the socks... 2 pegs per sock (lucky we have an abundance of pegs!)... And the peg colours had to match too... that was all her own idea... *sigh*... I really love seeing her growing up and helping her mummy...

Thursday, October 15

The Beauty Routine

This is the new routine our little miss has just started doing in the mornings while I'm having a shower and getting ready... and excuse the crazy bed hair.. that would be due to sleeping with her "piggy tails" in... :)

Sunday, October 11

Down By The Beach

Down By The Beach

Taken last weekend at Bribie Island...

Thursday, October 8

Little Miss Muffet - Beth's Version

Little Miss Muff
Sat on a Tuff
Eating her curtains and whey
Along came a dog
And sat down beside her
And frightened Miss Muffet Away

Wednesday, October 7

Shopping At Coles

We had a busy little morning today... swimming first up, then back home to do some laundry, then we popped out to the library to borrow some books and stopped in at the park next door where Beth had fun while I sat and enjoyed reading a book I'd borrowed... After all that, we went across to our local Coles... In the last few months, they've introduced kid sized trolleys at Coles nation wide, but this was the first time I'd seen them... so I got one for Beth and she had great fun pushing it around the aisles... We actually didn't need to buy much, but we ended up wandering the aisles for about half an hour... Beth randomly picking up packets of things on the shelf and put them in her trolley... eg bars of soap... and a burrito dinner pack... (which I then had to return to the shelf!)... The shopping trolleys are such a cute idea... But I could see them being a pain if you were actually in a hurry and needed to quickly do your shopping... But I was in no hurry today and it was a nice, fun way to spend some time together ... :)

Tuesday, October 6

Old Friends & Polar Bears

Today Beth and I caught up with one of my old uni friends, Maria... I haven't seen her for few years and she was taking a family holiday to the Gold Coast with her husband Nick (who I used to work with) and their 2 boys, Dimitri & Georgio... We met up with them at Seaworld and had a lovely day all together...

Our kidlets got along so well... Dimitri and Georgio are such adorable, lovely natured boys... Beth often gets scared of boys, but wasn't scared of them at all. She also seemed fascinated by everything Dimitri had to say (who is 5) and often copied what he was saying ... eg "Look a Dory fish!" which was then echoed by Beth a second later (but about 5 times louder!)... And then there was this lovely moment when Beth wanted to sit on a brick wall that enclosed a flower bed but it was too tall for her so Dimitri delicately picked her up sat her on the wall... and then lifted her down when she'd had enough... I was truly amazed, because Beth often makes a fuss if someone she doesn't know very well touches or lays a had on her!

The highlight of my day would have to be the polar bears... We've been to Seaworld (both here on the Gold Coast and in San Diego) in total about 5 times now ... and everytime, they've always been sleeping... or hiding... I think the most exciting thing I'd ever seen (prior to today) was seeing one eat some carrot at San Diego Zoo.... Anyway... today, one of the polar bears was very active... it was amazing to see! So here's a snippet -

In the afternoon, Beth had a chance to paddle in the waterplay area... so here's our water girl having a splash...

Monday, October 5

{sending prayers}

{sending prayers}

I just found out late last night that my uncle (who I have mentioned recently was diagnosed with liver cancer and not given more than 3 months to live) passed away early on Saturday morning. His funeral was held this morning and I am so sad for all my aunties and uncles... Especially for my uncle's wife and their 2 children... I feel so helpless being so far away... the only thing i can do is send my prayers...

Sunday, October 4

"I'm Not Quite Sure About This Water"

Not Quite Sure About This Water...

We spent the day at Bribie Island today... and while Beth loves the concept of the beach, she doesn't like seaweed... it wigs her out... This photo pretty much summed up her whole feeling about the beach... She is standing at the water's edge and really wants to go in, but her nervousness is shown in her hands...

We really had a lovely day out despite the lack of beach time... We had fun driving around and checking out different parts of the island and we stopped and had afternoon tea a beachside cafe and then let Beth have a run around at a sand-based playground which she totally adored... she didn't want to leave!

The funniest part of the day was when an icecream truck drove and stopped by the playground... It was playing music that typical icecream truck music and when it stopped, so did the music. Beth was waiting for the music to start up again and she was saying to us "Turn the music on?" and we told her we had to wait for the truck to move again before the music turned on again... So she wanders off and finds a random stick and comes back and says "It's my remote." and then points it at the icecream truck and goes "CLICK!" (several times) in an attempt to turn the music back on... She had us having a good chuckle to ourselves...

Saturday, October 3

Turning Laundry Into A Game

If you're having trouble deciphering what she's saying... it something like "Aim... Throw.... YAAAAAAAY"... it's what she says when she's playing basketball with the little basketball ring... She always cheers for herself when she gets the ball in the ring... So she's just translated the basketball game into throwing clothes into the washing machine...

Friday, October 2

Hula Hooping

ps - the boots were all her idea...