Sunday, October 18

Happy Anniversary To My Wonderful Other Half...

We're on the otherside of half a decade of being married today... How the time has flown and what a life we've built together so far... I'm ever grateful everyday that we found each other ... He is and has always been the perfect other half for me and we are so blessed to have the little family that we do.

Well, Phan in his ever true detective ways, sussed out what my latest "want" in photography was and after thorough research and the help of a scheming sister (Emmi - you're in big trouble missy!), I have been oh-so-spoilt today and am now the proud owner of a Canon 100mm f/2.8 USM IS L series macro lens.... This is a very new lens that Canon released very recently and apparently has been quite hard to source... but in his usual style, Phan managed to source one for me... I am married to the most wonderful man! :)

Today has been a lovely day... church, a spot of shopping and we had lunch out... and tonight I shall be cooking fillet mignons for us to have for dinner... yum and we shall spend a nice romantic evening on the couch... possibly watching Playschool at the request of Miss Beth... but maybe we can persuade her to let us watching something else... :)

Of course, I can't do a post without including something taken with the new baby - so here's a little peek at what this new lens can do... I really wanted to go walking and find some flowers to take some photos of, but it was much too windy to do that, so we'll have to save that for later in the week...

The World Is A Colourful Place

That photo is also part of the reason why the blogging has been infrequent lately - apologies! I'm just beginning to regret one of my hare-brained schemes that involves me having to sew a dozen little aprons for Beth's upcoming birthday (full-details of this event to be revealed in due time!)... So my spare time has been somewhat consumed with this not-so-little task at hand!


ozelise said...

Happy Anniversary, and what a lovely present.

One thoughtful husband ;)

Great DOF on the photo, and very vibrant!

Emily said...

SQUEEEEEEEEE!!! I'm so excited for you! :-D Love the photo! Enjoy your new lens! :-)