Wednesday, October 7

Shopping At Coles

We had a busy little morning today... swimming first up, then back home to do some laundry, then we popped out to the library to borrow some books and stopped in at the park next door where Beth had fun while I sat and enjoyed reading a book I'd borrowed... After all that, we went across to our local Coles... In the last few months, they've introduced kid sized trolleys at Coles nation wide, but this was the first time I'd seen them... so I got one for Beth and she had great fun pushing it around the aisles... We actually didn't need to buy much, but we ended up wandering the aisles for about half an hour... Beth randomly picking up packets of things on the shelf and put them in her trolley... eg bars of soap... and a burrito dinner pack... (which I then had to return to the shelf!)... The shopping trolleys are such a cute idea... But I could see them being a pain if you were actually in a hurry and needed to quickly do your shopping... But I was in no hurry today and it was a nice, fun way to spend some time together ... :)

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