Monday, October 26

A Conversation

A conversation between me and Beth while she was sitting on the toilet this evening -

Beth: Mummy, I hear thunder.
Me: Yes, I hear thunder too.
Beth: I hear rain.
Me: Yes, there's lots of rain.
Beth: I hear clouds.
Me: Clouds? You have very good hearing if you can hear clouds.
Beth: *lifts up her t-shirt* Look! I have hips!
Me: Yes (bewildered at the fast change of topic), you do have hips.
Beth: I need more hips.
Me: I don't think so... everybody only needs 2 hips.
Beth: Mummy has hips.
Me: Yes, I do have hips.
Beth: Everybody needs more boobs.
Me: *laughing*...

I didn't know what to say to that. Perhaps we do all need more boobs... :)

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