Sunday, November 15

Elizabeth's Cupcake Decorating Party

Today we celebrated Elizabeth's 3rd Birthday (one day early, her birthday is tomorrow) by having a few little friends around and having a cupcake decorating party. Lots of cake, lots of sugar and lots of fun had by all... kids and parents alike...

I've been planning this party since September and I've had so many ideas running around my head the last 2 months... Some of which I began to slightly regret as the party approached (such as my insane idea to sew a dozen little aprons for the little attendees to wear while decorating the cake (which they also got to take home as a party favour)... it was quite time consuming... but in the end I'm glad I went to the effort, because everybody looked so cute wearing their little aprons and I think it really made the party look special)... We also made everybody a little paper chef's hat as they arrived, which really completed the outfit... the children all looked perfect dressed up as bakers!

2 dozen cupcakes, 2 dozen mini muffins and several dishes of lollies, sprinkles and other decorations and everybody really got into the spirit of things and created marvellous colourful creations! The parents even got in on it as well...

I have to make a special mention and thank Elizabeth's Bac Bao Anh who decided to come up and visit us and join us for the party... Her assistance was invaluable... Thanks so much Bao - couldn't have done it without you!

More photos are a-coming, but I just wanted to share this little photo of our birthday girl looking the part of the baker and showing off her cupcake!

Elizabeth's 3rd Bday - The Cupcake Decorating Party


Maria said...

Thanks for your lovely comments Clara! I am still working on the whole aperture/shutter speed thing. I've been melting with this heat.....trying to find my mojo!

Sweet kisses to sweet Beth. Happy Birthday big girl! You make your Mummy and Daddy so proud. *LOVE* the party idea - Beth certainly looks like she had fun.



Emily said...

Glad to hear the party was such a success! Can't wait to see more pics...Looks like the birthday girl had lots of fun. :-)

Give her lots of big birthday hugs and kisses from her Auntie Emmi and Uncle Mike. xoxoxo