Tuesday, October 6

Old Friends & Polar Bears

Today Beth and I caught up with one of my old uni friends, Maria... I haven't seen her for few years and she was taking a family holiday to the Gold Coast with her husband Nick (who I used to work with) and their 2 boys, Dimitri & Georgio... We met up with them at Seaworld and had a lovely day all together...

Our kidlets got along so well... Dimitri and Georgio are such adorable, lovely natured boys... Beth often gets scared of boys, but wasn't scared of them at all. She also seemed fascinated by everything Dimitri had to say (who is 5) and often copied what he was saying ... eg "Look a Dory fish!" which was then echoed by Beth a second later (but about 5 times louder!)... And then there was this lovely moment when Beth wanted to sit on a brick wall that enclosed a flower bed but it was too tall for her so Dimitri delicately picked her up sat her on the wall... and then lifted her down when she'd had enough... I was truly amazed, because Beth often makes a fuss if someone she doesn't know very well touches or lays a had on her!

The highlight of my day would have to be the polar bears... We've been to Seaworld (both here on the Gold Coast and in San Diego) in total about 5 times now ... and everytime, they've always been sleeping... or hiding... I think the most exciting thing I'd ever seen (prior to today) was seeing one eat some carrot at San Diego Zoo.... Anyway... today, one of the polar bears was very active... it was amazing to see! So here's a snippet -

In the afternoon, Beth had a chance to paddle in the waterplay area... so here's our water girl having a splash...

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