Monday, April 27

Lost In the Woods

Lost In The Woods

I took this photo quite a while ago... (actually back in mid-march)... I really wanted to do a shoot in this gorgeous little spot we'd found whilst bike riding around... I knew the light in the afternoon here was to die for... so I dressed up Beth and had Phan come along to help out in guiding Beth into the right spots... Unfortunately, Beth wasn't really in the mood for photos... so I had something like a 10 minute window before she really cracked it... and I found this whole sunflare business really quite hard and I left feeling quite disappointed by the shoot... A quick review showed nothing I really loved... but I revisited this set of photos and found this photo, which has actually come up beautifully with some pp-ing... I'm really pleased with it now. Sheye has even commented and said it's one of her all time favourites images from me... so I'm feeling all motivated again now to go and try out the sunflare again... Was going to go this afternoon, but Beth's still got a snotty nose and I'm getting another sore throat... so maybe once we get better...

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Anonymous said...

Love the sunflare, very pretty!

Thao xo