Tuesday, March 11

Okay... so I lied...

These are really the last set of photos from the park shoot last week... :p
I wasn't going to show these photos, 'cos there's nothing really spectacular about any of them... but I figure, well I managed to nail the focus on these shots, I may as well show them... plus Bao left a comment on one of my previous entries saying how much she enjoyed looking at the photos... so that's all the encouragement I need... :)

I actually like the first photo of her where she is pointing at the ground... I have no idea what she was actually pointing at... I think she may have actually been poking and enjoying the weird spongy surface (that bit of the ground is spongy to cushion the impact of the kids on the swings). Oh and in case you're wondering what she's doing in the photos in the latter part of the slideshow when she's standing at that grey plastic thing... she's actually picking out bits of dirt and bark out of the little grooves in the grey plastic and either
(a) trying to eat it
(b) generously trying to give it to me as a present
(c) just picking it up and playing with it... sometimes dropping it... sometimes flinging it ... it is so weird what she plays with.

Nothing too exciting going on here today ... we had a rental inspection today that went fine... Beth and I popped out to Coles in the morning and then she dozed off in the car on the way home (it was only 10:15am)... so I woke her up by putting sunscreen on her and then we went out to the park... Home for lunch followed by nap, and then when she woke up we met up with Sharon and Em at Spotlight and then went back to their place for a drink and the girls played a bit.

Beth was a bit less clingy today... but still wanted me to pick her up a lot... and really enjoys sitting in my lap... she is a funny bunny...

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