Thursday, March 6

A fun day...

We didn't do too much out of the ordinary today... went to playgroup in the morning and I think Beth knows when it's playgroup because her face lights up when we get there! Spent heaps of time playing in the sandpit and sitting at the piano... and today Beth did her first painting! She used a brush and was pretty good at getting the paint on her page... although she did want to keep painting on the page that the little girl sitting next to her was doing... Beth also managed to get paint on her face (red paint and green paint)... if i'd had my camera it would have been a classic photo! Managed to keep her clothes relatively paint free which was amazing... (although we did use an apron to cover most of her!) Beth also spent time at the piano again as usual... and also standing by the toy kitchen turning the stove knobs. After playgroup, Sharon and Em came back to our place for lunch and Beth had her nap while we had lunch and then woke up just as Sharon and Em headed home (Em needed her nap). I gave Beth some lunch, then we played a bit at home before heading out to the park where we pottered around for half an hour... I took the camera again (trying to squeeze in some practise) and today, for the first time I actually got a reasonable strike rate of decent photos... I am pretty happy.

Other than that, some random things that Beth has been doing -

- She sat in her beanbag and talked on her toy phone for *ages* this morning...
- She let me have a shower by myself for the first time ever... I left her downstairs 'cos she wasn't interested in climbing upstairs with me... and she was reading a Mr Silly book to herself... when I got out of the shower and came down, she was still reading the same book! (I am only having 4 minutes showers though, as per the Brisbane water restrictions!)
- She has fallen asleep in her beanbag while having her bottle for 3 nights in a row... but not tonight.
- She has leannt how to bang on the upside down plastic or metal bowl with a wooden spoon... a drummer in the making!
- She likes to stir things in a bowl and pretend she's cooking (I normally put plastic cookie cutters in a plastic bowl).

Here's a sneak peek of some photos from today...

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