Thursday, March 27

Last One Standing...

Just a few more random stories about Beth (I am procrastinating about the beach photos... there are just sooo many of them it is a bit overwhelming!)

Today at playgroup, Beth figured out how to jostle at the table to get to the fruit at morning tea... She actually helped herself to the fruit at the table (normally, I pick out pieces and she eats what I give her)... So she picked out nectarine, watermelon, grapes and banana... and we discovered nothing has changed since she was a baby - she still doesn't like banana... she picked up a slice of banana, took a bite, then gave me the rest of it... and then proceeded to do it again! So I made her stop taking banana! By the end of morning tea, she was one of the last kids standing at the table, helping herself to the last of the watermelon... the way she was eating, you'd think I never feed my child!

This afternoon, we had a quiet afternoon at home (after the busy week we've had)... it was nice and laid back ... At one point, I lay in the beanbag and half-dozed off while Beth was playing with her musical activity table... I was rudely awakened a few minutes later by Beth poking me and waving a piece of paper in my face... the piece of paper was about investment advice and how to follow the stockmarket (it was a random bit info that came from our accountant in the mail this week)... and she wanted me to read it to her! (She did this to me yesterday after dinner as well... she is such a strange child!) So I started reading it to her, but in my woozy, half-awakend state, it was just too intense reading for me... so I said to Elizabeth - "Can you get another book for Mummy to read to you?" and off she went to her book box and came back with the most advanced, artistic ABC book you have ever seen... it has beautiful pictures of artwork by Picasso and stuff in it... She absolutely adores this book, which I find so strange... she could go for any of her normal colourful books, but nooo, she'll go for the advanced books!

One last story - earlier this week I was doing some laundry in the late afternoon... I let Beth come outside with me and potter about in our very small backyard while I was hanging out the clothes... She got bored walking around so she decided to climb into the empy wading pool and then took quite a liking to it and pretended to splash in it... She thinks its all quite funny...

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