Saturday, March 8

Yep... I'm getting more hi-tech....

Have you noticed I've put music to my blog now? :) (If you get sick of it, you can always hit the pause button... it's at the top of the sidebar on the right). "Bubbly" is my favourite song at the moment and I think the words are so apt for my blog... :)

I have also posted video footage for the first time! :) Yeah baby... I don't know whether I'll do that regularly, as the quality of these videos are pretty poor and I'd rather be taken good quality pics... But there's a time and place for video and I think that footage of Beth in the swing is just priceless!

Anyway... quick update of today - Other than going to the park and getting Beth to sit in a swing, we went and visited Dave and Tanya who live on the Gold Coast... we had a lovely late lunch of some bbq Persian food (Tanya is Persian) which was delicious (bbq lamb, chicken and tomatos on this amazing saffron flavoured rice... yummm!) and then Beth and I had a dip in the *cold* pool... which Beth absolutely adored... it was so cold but she was so intent on swimming around and splashing, I actually had to drag her out kicking and screaming! It 68km to the Gold Coast from our place... but it's actually only an hours drive with the M1 freeway ... so much like a drive to Victor Harbour from Adelaide in length. It was a great day out... and we've realised it's really not that far and is very suitable for day trips. :)

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