Saturday, March 29

A Stomach Bug...

This morning, I was awakened by Beth at 7am to find that she vomitted sometime during the night, but hadn't even cried out to wake me up. She must have done it sometime in the earlier hours of the morning, because it was mostly dried and she actually managed to sleep on it and it was all dried and stuck the back of her top. She also managed to get vomit over the entire area of the cot... I have no idea how she did that.

I tried to give her breakfast, but she refused her Weetbix, so I gave her a white peacharine and she ate it all and then threw it all up a minute after she had eaten it all. Poor baby.

She is surprisingly in quite a good mood though... Still smiling and happy... she was dancing about to the TV before and right now she is resting in her beanbag watching TV. I'm making chicken stock and chao (congee/rice soup) for her to eat for morning tea right now...

Just wanted to give a quick update... I'm off to go hang out the laundry (containing soiled sheets and quilts)...

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Maria said...

Hey Clara,

So sorry to hear little Beth is a sick puppy. After having gastro 4 times in our house the year Georgio was born I have a first line of defence for cleaning up and dealing with vomit. I've detailed what I do to deal with it all below to help you through this rough patch (it is combined advice from the children's hospital too). You probably know about it anyway :-)

First thing I figured out the hard way was not to worry if they don't want to eat. It is their way of fighting the bugs, make sure she drinks plenty of fluid and if you can mix up some cordial to make sure she gets some glucose. The time to worry is if she is really flat and not really responding, make sure you keep checking her temperature and call for a doctor/Phan if you have any doubt - your mother's intuition counts for a lot. I always have some "Hydralyte" icy poles in the fridge for this sort of situation because I found both Georgio and Dimitri were happier sucking on an ice block at their own pace than me chasing them around the house trying to keep their fluids up. These Icy poles are available from pharmacies and they have some good rehydration stuff in them.

The rice soup is a great idea, good thinking. Keep it simple and if she only has a little bit it is ok. Dry biscuits is another good thing to try if she can tolerate it - she will guide you with what she can have. Next day, bananas are ok too. By the second to third day you can slowly introduce mashed potatoes, apples, pears, carrots, chicken stock. The golden rule with any gastro (if this is gastro of course) is to leave any dairy products to last. The first dairy product you can try after following the above diet is yoghurt, then milk and cheese.

I found the best thing to remove the smell of vomit from sheets etc is bicarb soda. I add some of this to the washing detergent and it helped to get rid of that smell (as well as putting it on an extra rinse cycle with softner). Have spare sheets, blankets, pjs handy. I hope you are lucky and that this is only a 24 hour thing.

I really feel for you and hope she is better by tomorrow.