Monday, January 31

PAD - January 31 - A Basket of Goodness

PAD - Jan 31 - Bundled In A Basket

I've been wanting to do a photo like this for a while... so I took the opportunity while Elizabeth was at kindy today... Lucky, I did, because Catherine only just fit in the basket, if I left it much longer Catherine would be toppling out it! (Normally it holds nappies under the change table).

For the photography inclined... I also took advantage of the content aware feature in CS5 in the post processing of this photo... I'm happy with how it turned out. Note to self though - remember to iron the flannelette sheet used as a backdrop before you use it... the wrinkles do show up!

And there we have it... photo-a-day for January is finished! Thanks to Em and Phong for keeping me company on the journey and who completed the month with me (and thanks to everyone else who gave it a go and joined in the fun in some way during the month)... it's been a great month of photos, I've loved seeing what you've all come up with! I'm half contemplating doing PAD for Feb, but we'll see how my motivation is tomorrow... :)

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