Sunday, January 2

PAD - January 2 - Too Darn Cute

PAD - Jan 2 - Too Darn Cute

Well I know I'm totally biased because I'm her mum... but really... how can you resist this little face?

I actually got a number of cute photos of Catherine today and had so much trouble deciding which one to use as my photo for the day... so I thought I'd also share this cute little series as well -

Little Miss Delightful

It's so much nicer being able to get shots of Catherine now that she is sitting by herself... she's been able to sit by herself for very short periods of time (like one minute!) since she was about 6 months (but was very prone to face planting into the floor), but in the last couple of days she's been much more stable... and whilst we still have to be nearby to catch her when she decides she's tired of sitting, she's able to sit now for quite long periods of time by herself (at a guess about 15 minutes at a time)...

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