Monday, January 24

PAD - January 24 - She's a Big Kindy Girl

PAD - Jan 24 - I'm a Big Kindy Girl

Today I left her for a morning at kindy... She is so ready and seems so much more grown up now, compared to when I started her at daycare this time last year. She was still really happy to see me when I came to pick her up though and came running and calling out "Mummy!", which really made me feel loved... :)

Apparently today she:

- played in the sandpit and made a sandcastle and roads with Claire
- played on the playground and pretended she was in a boat
- played "trees" with Claire (no idea how this game eventuated, but apparently they rescue each other out of a pretend tree...)
- played dress ups and she wore a white skirt and Claire wore a beautiful green dress.
- had a vegemite sandwich for morning tea and drank some water
- listened to the teacher read a story about a dinosaur claw

That's quite a morning of activity! I'm so happy she's enjoying her new kindy and that she had such a fun time.

She hasn't napped this afternoon (surprising after all that excitement), but had some downtime watching playschool while having some lunch. And then we have been doing some puzzles (she is so into puzzles at the moment) and playing uno and doing some weird random imaginary games with my ribbon stash...

*sigh*... I'm still a tad nostalgic about it all, even though I'm used to her going to the daycare... this will the year before she starts school! Now that thought scares me!

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