Saturday, January 1

Photo A Day January 2011

Photo A Day January 2011 Starts

Regular followers of my blog will know that I have attempted the photo-a-day challenge for a month twice now, so I thought I would kick off the new year again doing this again... The main motiviation is to get my dear friend Mitch out and shooting with his 10-22mm which he got for his birthday in November, but to date has been untouched... (So you better be clicking away there Mitch!) But I've also roped in a few family and friends to keep me company again too... Anyone else who wants to join in, feel free, link me up to your blog/facebook whatever so I can see what you're up to... I will also be posting my daily photos into this flickr pool which has been organised by a group of girls in the EB photography forum - 2011 Photo A Day Challenge.

Stay tuned for a blog entry with today's pic... :)

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