Saturday, January 8

PAD - January 8 - My Big Little Girl

PAD - Jan 8 - My Big Little Girl

Elizabeth has grown up so much in this last year... and whilst I often refer to her as the "big girl", because compared to Catherine she seems so big, she really is still very much my little girl...

She loves painting, art and craft... is somewhat of a baker extraordinaire and is always willing to help out in the kitchen...

She enjoys pottering outside in the garden... and a bit of a tech wizz when it comes to using the media centre for the tv and the iphone/ipad.

She is into all things girly... dresses, dolls, soft toys, jewellery... and the latest thing... *perfume* (she got some kiddy cinderella perfume from one of our friends for Christmas and thinks it's awesome)... She is mostly helpful, polite and quiet spoken.... but definitely has her moments when she is quirky, crazy and out there!

She adores her little sister and loves to make her smile and laugh.

Love you to the moon and back my big little girl... xo

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