Saturday, January 15

PAD - January 15 - Why Am I Still Awake?

PAD - Jan 15 - Why Am I Still Awake?

I have no idea why, but Catherine decided to be a party animal tonight and stayed up for 3.5 hours+... (She normally cracks it at about 2.5 hours, at most 3 hours.) We tried to put her down to sleep twice when she started rubbing her eyes, but each time we did she went crazy-happy and was very awake when we put her in the cot and started yelling angrily, so we just got her up and she was happy to sit in the lounge playing with her toys. Not sure if we should be changing her routine and dropping a nap, but given she has very little routine (and not from a lack of trying!) and she naps anywhere from 2- 4 times a day, I'm not sure what we should be doing at the moment... Guess we'll just do what we always do and go with the flow...

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