Sunday, January 23

PAD - January 23 - A Photo That Sums Her Up

PAD - Jan 23 - A Photo That Sums Her Up

Sometimes it's the imperfect moments that really best describe a person... This photo really sums up Elizabeth... I had asked her if I could take a photo of her and this is the pose she chose to do for me... Quirky randomness at it's best.

The messy hair and the headband pushed forward is how she looks at home about 90% of the time (I'm always telling her to push her headband back)... (And yes, I'm forever fixing her hair before I take photos of her.) She loves wearing it over her forehead for some reason... drives me nuts, because the the purpose of a headband is to keep the hair out of your face, but she purely uses it as an accessory, not as something functional... She will quite happily walk around with the hair all over her face and the headband pulled forward over her forehead...

For all her crazy little quirks, she makes me laugh and I love her.

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