Tuesday, January 11

PAD - January 11 - The Cupboard Was Bare

PAD - Jan 11 - The Cupboard Was Bare

(photo taken with my iphone)

I ducked out to my local woolworths tonight to stock up on nappies for Catherine and some other small things in the event that Brisbane gets cut off and there are issues with getting grocery supplies... Even though it was 8:30pm, I'm pretty sure that the milk cabinet doesn't normally look this bare!!! We aren't even in a low-lying area or an area that is expected to be affected by flood... (although, with the unprecedented events that have happened, anything is possible) Everyone is stocking up, 'cos there was also no bread, no bottled water or long life milk or baked beans! My pantry is generally pretty full, so we probably have enough food to get us through a fortnight or so. They say tomorrow is going to be bad and Thursday is going to be devastating... Please keep Brisbane in your thoughts and prayers...

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