Monday, January 3

PAD - January 3 - Rufflebum

PAD - January 3 - Rufflebum

The latest fashionable thing for little baby girls at the moment appears to be ruffled nappy covers. I have been itching to get one for Catherine because they are so adorable... but also because they are also practical... I discovered with Elizabeth that once little baby girls start crawling and trying to move, little dresses become rather impractical because they keep getting caught under them and hinder their movement. With a ruffled nappy cover, they can still move freely without being caught up in the girly ruffles. I have seen lots of different ones around the place and have been trying to score one from a boutique seller on who sells the most gorgeous ruffled nappy covers with the most beautiful fabrics... However, after months of stalking this particular seller and being unable to secure one (her stuff sells out in minutes she is so popular!) I decided to take matters into my own hands (literally!) and have a go at sewing my own... (I believe Phan thought I was crazy when I told him I was making my own 'cos I couldn't purchase one!) I used the ruffled nappy cover pattern from Bettsy Kingston which I first saw on Leesa's blog a little while ago... so a big shout out and thanks to Leesa! :)

I'm mostly pleased with the result... It only took me a couple of hours (which I spread over two nights). A little fine tuning needed but nothing a bit of practise won't fix... and I think I might need to go the next size up 'cos Catherine is probably going to outgrow this size soon. I decided to make this with some cheapie fabric from Spotlight in case I stuffed it up, but now that I've had a trial run I'm ready to go off and purchase some nicer fancy material!

I also plan on making her a matching peasant top to go with her ruffly bum... but I've run out of red thread, so that will have to wait for the moment!

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Leesa said...

Oh they look lovely! Love the colours! I realy need to get sewing and make some for Abby for daycare. Can't wait to see more : )