Saturday, January 1

PAD - January 1 - What's A Girl To Wear To Bunnings?

PAD - Jan 1 - What's A Girl To Wear To Bunnings?

Not a particularly spectacular photo to kick off photo-a-day, but there is a funny little story behind this...

We needed to go to Bunnings today to pick up some things to do some maintenance around the house and also to pick up some more flowers for Elizabeth to plant in her big pots seeing as her pansies died while we were away in Adelaide for Christmas.

This is the outfit she chose to wear to Bunnings - It's been hanging in her wardrobe for a year, but today she saw it and decided that it was the perfect outfit. For those unfamiliar with this, it's an "ao dai" which is a traditional Vietnamese dress, similar to the Chinese cheong sam, but a little different... Generally they are reserved for special occassions like weddings and Vietnamese New Year... but apparently going to Bunnings rates as a special occasion with our four year old... :)

(We did get some very amused glances, smiles and comments regarding her outfit while we were at Bunnings too... She looked quite a little lady pushing around a kid-sized trolley with her Barbie doll in it... LOL...)

As a side note... Elizabeth was also very insistent on wanting to buy a pot plant to (in her words) "brighten up her room" while we were at Bunnings... She took quite a liking to a pink and white orchid, but it was rather expensive and I wasn't sure how long we could keep it alive, so she ended up going for a (cheaper!) pink anthurium and it's now proudly sitting on her bookshelf in her bedroom... She tells me she is going to remember to water it everyday.... This is definitely Ba Noi's influence coming through... Elizabeth must have liked all the gardening she did with her grandma while we were in Adelaide!

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