Friday, January 21

Kindy Orientation Day

kindy orientation

Today we had orientation day at Elizabeth's new C&K kindy... We've talked about it casually the last few weeks and she's been helping me to pick out the design of her new name labels and then labelling her new lunchbox... I've been getting the impression of late that she has missed going to the daycare kindy/preschool at the childcare centre (it's been almost 2 months she last went) because she has been making me play a game with her where I am Elizabethe and she is the teacher and we re-enact a kindy day... it's pretty cute because I get a little insight into what a day at the childcare is like.

Anyway, she really had a wonderful time today... she painted, drew, did puzzles, played with playdough, played kitchens, played with blocks and lego, had morning tea and played outside on the playground. Her best friend Claire is in her class too and the two of them had so much fun together... The session only went for 2 hours and was really just a chance for the children to get a feel for the kindy with Mum and/or Dad there with them... Claire and Elizabeth could have stayed there longer than the two hours though, they were enjoying it that much! We'll be leaving them on their own next week for a 1/2 day, so that'll be the real test, but I think Elizabeth will be fine. She actually said to me (of her own accord) "Mum, I like the new kindy!" and when I asked her why she liked it she said "I like it 'cos it's fun!".. so that's a promising sign!

I only snapped these few photos at the end of session as I hadn't thought to take any photos earlier on... but they give you a glimpse of how much she's going to enjoy kindy this year!

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