Saturday, January 29

PAD - January 29 - Jemima Goes To The Park

PAD - Jan 29 - Jemima Goes To The Park

I took Elizabeth to the park at lunch time today... Phan had spent the morning mowing the lawn, so he stayed home and rested with Catherine and I thought we had better go while we could in case it rained this afternoon... It was actually lovely weather to be out and about, not too humid... and a nice breeze blowing about. She decided to take Jemima along on the back of her bike today... She's not the most coordinated child (she forgets to steer sometimes and needs to practise braking!), but she is getting better at riding her bike... Once we were at the park just loved pushing Jemima on the swing... It's so funny, because I think Elizabeth wishes she liked swings... but the motion freaks her out, so she projects her love for swings on Jemima. She really enjoyed pushing Jemima in the swing. She kept saying to me... "I don't like going high on swings, but Jemima does... look... see? Weeeeeeeee!!!!!"

Elizabeth and Jemima

It's a good thing Jemima likes swings... :)

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