Friday, January 21

PAD - January 21 - 8 Months Old (And I'll Cry If I Want To)

PAD - Jan 21 - 8 months old (and I'll cry if I want to)

She's 8 months old today... and it's every 8 month old's prerogative to cry if they want to...

I actually got heaps of lovely shots of her today (dress courtesy of Chu Phong - he's got good taste huh?), but I thought I'd make this my photo of the day because:

(a) it shows she isn't always the perfect posing baby
(b) it makes me laugh... She can be so cute when she's whingy... (but only in small
doses... after a little while it does get annoying!)

And just to prove I'm not a mean mummy for a taking a photo of my grumpy munchkin,
here's the happy version of the 8 months old taken a couple of minutes earlier -

The Happy Version of the 8 Month Old

and then a couple of minutes after the whingy shot, Elizabeth came in to see what we were doing and started teasing Catherine with her lunch -

I Want That Sandwich

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