Tuesday, February 1

PAD - Feb 1 - Nom Nom Noodles

PAD - Feb 1 - Nom Nom Noodles

So I've managed to rope a couple of people into continuing photo-a-day for the month of February (Hi Thao and Em!)... with a view to potentially doing Project 365... We're just going to take it a month at a time for the moment though. I feel like I've actually grown and learnt a few things in a photographic sense during January, so while the motivation is high, I thought why not continue in the groove and make the most of it. However, I will now start posting PADs into larger blog entries once or twice a week instead of daily from this point on... As much as I enjoy it... it's rather time consuming blogging every day! However, I thought I would start the month off on a good note and blog the first entry of the month... :)

Here's Miss Catherine eating... or rather playing with some noodles over lunch today. She found them most interesting... I had however forgotten what a pain they are to clean off clothes and little arms and legs... these noodles stick to every thing!!! So it's now unlikely she will be doing this again anytime soon!

For the photography inclined - I thought I would share that I have developed a new level of speedlite love... I have discovered how to use the external flash as a fill flash indoors and to exploit whatever natural light there is to still gain maximum catchlights (which is a particular obsession of mine... I love capturing great catchlights... I think they really give life to a photo)... I actually used the flash a lot in January, which means lower ISO, less noise and great clarity... Feels like I have finally learnt how to use it a bit better after owning it for 3 years! So this photo was taken with the speedlite... :)

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