Wednesday, February 9

More SOOCs

These are for Em and Thao :)


I should have done a pullback shot to show my setup, but basically, it was just a chair with a big piece of black fleece (that I bought specifically to use as a backdrop) under the pergola (where the natural light is better than in the house)... It was actually overcast and bucketing down with rain on this day, so I was struggling to get decent light. Shot at f/7.1, 1/320, ISO 640.


I converted this shot to black and white because I found the blue mats way too distracting and overpowering in colour... I think the b&w conveys way more mood than the colour version. Shot without flash (in whatever natural light I could muster coming in through the sliding doors), f/4.0, 1/250, ISO 3200. Note also, I had to take about 30 shots to get this one... the moving, exuberant baby was a bit hard to capture... she alternated between sitting and waving her arms around in the air frantically and bum shuffling across the floor...

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Hollie said...

I found your blog through Sheye's quite a while ago and really love your photography. The colors are so soft. I especially like how you've been showing SOOC vs Photoshopped lately. Beautiful pictures.