Friday, February 18

PAD - February 18 - Seeing Light

PAD - Feb 18 - Seeing Light

'Cos at the end of the day, photography is all about the light isn't it?

I've never had much luck catching sunflare, but this afternoon I managed to grab these beautiful shots of the light. (Yes, I'm a little obsessed with beautiful light at the moment!)

For those interested, both shots taken with (of all things) my macro 100mm f2.8 L. (I had been trying to take a macro shot of a rose, and then ended up seeing this gorgeous flare and couldn't be bothered changing lenses... but I think the macro actually worked well, esp in that first shot).

First photo taken at f4.5, 1/640, ISO 400. Second photo taken at f18 1/640, ISO 400.

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