Wednesday, February 23

PAD - February 23 - Amidst The Chaos She Slept...

PAD - Feb 23 - Amidst The Chaos She Slept

So we're heading back to Adelaide for Bao's wedding and I'm in the midst of packing... And sometime this afternoon, I checked in on Elizabeth and found her like this. Please don't judge me based on the state of our lounge room!!!

Also, will be MIA in the blog for a week and a bit while we are interstate as I will have no laptop and very limited access to the internet (mostly via iphone probably!)... I will endeavour to continue PAD and post when I return but no promises, 'cos I tend to have a very bad track record of taking photos while I'm in Adelaide as I tend to just enjoy being back home in the company of family and friends!

Okay... enough procrastinating... back to packing for me!

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