Sunday, February 6

PAD - February 6 - Bum Shuffler

PAD - Feb 6 - Bum Shuffler

She's on the move... When on her tummy she goes backwards despite all her best efforts to go forward... Then she cries and get frustrated. When she's sitting she's a much happy camper and she shuffles slowly forward and can spin around in a circle... Today she manage to shuffle on her bum from one side of the room to the other (it's about 2 metres)... Took her about half an hour, and she got distracted by random objects and toys along the way... but she got there.

She's quite a contrast to Elizabeth who never went backwards on her tummy (she developed this rolling technique early on to get to stuff and then just commando crawling forward after that) and the thought of bum shuffling never even crossed her mind. Funny how our kids, though from the same mould, can be so different...

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