Thursday, February 3

PAD - February 3 - Lucky (And Oh So Very Very Very Thankful)

PAD - Feb 3 - Feeling Lucky (And Oh So Very Very Thankful)

I had one hell of a scare this morning that left me rather rattled and oh so thankful.

We were getting ready for Elizabeth's swimming lesson and I had put both girls in the car was just getting ready to leave when I thought I'd run inside to grab something for Elizabeth to eat after swimming (she is always ravenous). I left the car running and the driver's door open, put the handbrake on and had just stepped into the kitchen (which is only a few steps from the garage) when I heard Elizabeth yelling out in alarm.

I ran back to find the car was slowly rolling out of the garage. It was moving slow enough that I managed to run around behind the car to the driver's side and put the brake on to stop the car, but not before the driver's door got caught on the middle wall bit of our double garage door. (It got bent back at a 90 degree angle).

I am oh so thankful that I had left the car door open because having it get caught on the garage door and bend back, slowed the car down enough for me to get in the car and fully stop the car.

I am oh so thankful that Elizabeth is such a safety conscious nut and knew the minute the car started moving that something was wrong and was able to yell out to me to tell me. She was calling out... "Make it stop moving!!!" She is one smart little cookie.

I am oh so thankful that I stopped the car when I did, because had it gone any further it would have been going a lot faster down the slope of the driveway... and I don't want to know what would have happened then...

I have been berating myself for being so silly and stupid... I realised after I had put the handbrake on and thought I had put the car in neutral, but it was actually in reverse. Seriously, how could I be so dumb?! I will always be double checking the car now to make sure that never happens again!!!

So what a way to start the Lunar New Year... I was lucky today... so hopefully that luck continues this year! Happy Vietnamese New Year ... May the year be full of good fortune, prosperity and happiness to you all.

And I shall finish this with a photo of my two precious little people... Just because I am so thankful nothing happened to them today and I love them so much. xo

My Precious Little People

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