Thursday, February 10

PAD - February 10 - Bathtime Love

PAD - Feb 10 - Bathtime Love

After going through a phase of having baths together, then having baths separately, they are now back to having baths together again... Now that Catherine is sitting quite well in the bath, she doesn't hog the bath like she used to when I had to lie her down in the water... Poor Catherine does have to put up with a lot from her big sister though who likes to shampoo her little sister's hair, pour water over her hair/head (and into her eyes! She doesn't like that a lot!), sing ditties while washing her arms, legs, ears with bubbles... and generally just be in her face the whole time! She is mostly quite tolerant and even laughs and smiles at Elizabeth, but towards the end, she does just crack it and just yell in a tone that just implies "Get me out of here! Elizabeth's being annoying!"

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