Saturday, February 5

PAD - February 5 - Natural Confetti

PAD - Feb 5 - Natural Confetti

Elizabeth currently has a bit of a fascination with the leopard tree in the backyard... she loves pulling the leaves off and throwing them around like they are confetti...

Also - my latest sewing creation is the cornflower blue skirt she's wearing in the photos... I'm a bit in love with the colour cornflower blue at the moment.. :) The design of the skirt is my own invention and is loosely based on the market skirt... I'm rather pleased with how it turned out... It's funny, 'cos I bought that top she's wearing from Target about 9 months ago and then decided I wanted to make a skirt, bought some fabric to match it... but I've only just gotten around to making it now! Oh well, she'll still get plenty of wear out of it... it's been soooooo hot and humid here lately!

For the photography inclined - these photos taken with my 85mm... still don't use that lens as often as I could...

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