Tuesday, February 15

PAD - February 15 - Morning Light + Rain

PAD - Feb 15 - Morning Light + Rain

As rain fell this morning, the light broke through the clouds and radiated the most amazing diffused ethereal glow...

I'd been awake since 5:10am with Catherine and when we first came out it was dark, gloomy and raining heavily... you would never have guessed the sun was going to come out... but just before 6am, I could see the first signs of light and I could tell we were in for something divine... so I set up both girls with breakfast outside (yes, Elizabeth woke up at 5:30am too), and in between feeding a small child spoonfuls of weetbix and pureed apple, I setup my valentine's day roses to capture the light and managed to snap a few shots... it was so peaceful, beautiful and oh so inspiring...

And after quickly downing her breakfast, the big girl put on her gumboots and grabbed her umbrella and frolicked in the backyard and then she saw her very first rainbow... (She was thrilled and kept telling me how beautiful it was!)

Beautiful Light + Rainbow

It was an awesome way to start the day... and made me thankful that I was awake to see it... Within 20 minutes the glorious morning glow was gone... and 10 minutes after that the rainbow faded away... It was all over by 6:30am.

PAD - Feb 15 -  Flowers + Morning Light + Rain

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