Friday, February 29

Just a quick one...

We're up for a big, busy and social weekend, so this is just a quick update as I probably won't get a chance to post over the next couple of days...

Yesterday Beth and I went to playgroup - she is so funny... she wandered outside herself and found the sandpit all by herself and then had a ball playing in it and filling up a truck with sand... I brought inside and she discovered the piano and then all she wanted to was to sit there and play... she sat there for 15 minutes until I made her move on... and even then she kept returning to it... or finding piano/keyboard type toys to play with! Came home and Beth crashed in the car... and then had a reaaaallly long lunchtime nap - 3 hours! She did wake after 1.5 hours, but only took 10 minutes to resettle.

Today, I have to do some cleaning/tidying/shoppping before we have our weekend guests (Phan's parents and Jo) come stay with us for a couple of days... We have a wedding to go to (which Jo is also coming to) and Phan's parents are the babysitters.. :)

Okay... that's it... gotta get our butts moving ... I want to take Beth to the park.

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