Wednesday, February 27

Kookaburras... Frickin' Kookaburras...

woke me and Phan up at 5:15am this morning... then 5 minutes later Beth woke up... I bet the kookaburras woke her up too... pat her back to sleep (and thank goodness the kookaburras shutup after that) and then she slept until 6:40am... I had trouble going back to sleep once the kookaburras woke me up... so I'm a tired camper today... that plus Beth is a little miss grumpy grumpy pants today... she's tired from not getting enough sleep last night... she went to bed at 8:30pm instead of 8pm ... so she had a nap this morning at 10am... and that only lasted 40 minutes! (not happy jan here!)... had some lunch, trotted out to Chermside during which Beth chucked 3 tanties when I wouldn't let her touch stuff in the shops... shopping is not a great deal of fun for us at the moment, 'cos the minute I touch or hold something, she wants to hold it too... which wouldn't be a problem if she didn't have grapes/biscuit/drink/some manner of food hanging off her mouth/chin/face/hands/legs! So when I don't let her, she goes *nuts* at me... I could feel people staring at us. Anyway...after Chermside we went to the park and Beth pottered around for about 1/2 an hour... until she started trying to eat the bark chips amd dirt... (YUK!) at which point I picked her up and she chucked another tantie at me! Came home and thought about going to pool because it's warm and not raining for a change, but decided not to risk it since I think she'll have another nap this afternoon. Right now she's enjoying a homemade strawberry smoothie (yum!)... and she's a happy camper!

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