Sunday, February 24

Morning At The Park

Yesterday morning we went to the Newmarket pool... We got there at 8:15am and the place was full of kids... obviously everybody had the same idea of going to the pool early while it wasn't too hot! Beth loved playing there in the water and with all the little funny mushroom fountains and showers ... it is the best kids pool... and it's under shade cloth too... We only stayed half an hour 'cos Beth got cold... then came home and had some breakfast and showers and then headed out again in a bid to keep Beth awake until 11:30am... we went and got a mattress for the spare room from Sleepy's and then we went to Scootopia so Phan could satisy his curiousity and check out a scooter (but is *not* buying one... thank goodness!), then back home again. We spent the rest of the day at home in airconditioning because it was so hot (36 degrees!) and it was not the kind of heat you feel like walking around in!

This morning, we went to the park at 9am... Beth had a ball... was more interested in walking by herself than walking with the car. Here are some snaps... same park, same baby girl as last time... but wearing different dress (Sprouts dress courtesy of Chi, Mitch and Thomas present from Beth's birthday) and we had Daddy for company...

Beth kept wanting to walk in the speckled shade, so some of these photos have weird lighting in them... nothing too spectacular in a photography technical sense... but we had fun.

This afternoon we caught up with Davinder (who is in town for a family wedding) and David and fiancee Tanya (Phan went to high school with David)... They just came around for a casual lunch and we just hung out ... it was lovely. Nice to see some familiar faces!

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