Saturday, February 2

A visit to the Brisbane Motor Show...

Well... I think I have been overstimulating Beth and she has been pretty tired at the end of each day. This morning she slept into 7am... not as much of a sleep in as yesterday... but still impressive... plus there was the bonus of it being Saturday and Phan not having to work... so Phan and I both got a sleep in as well... *lovely*... Then when she woke up, we pulled her into bed with us and we talked and played with her... It's the moments like these that I treasure and live for... hearing her innocent little giggles ... seeing how her eyes smile ... the inquisitive look on her face as she pokes Phan in the eye ... how I love these moments, enjoying each other's compnay just the three of us... our little family.

Today we went and checked out the Brisbane Motor Show with Colin, Sharon and Emily.
They came around for a bite of lunch first (bun bo xao) and then we headed off.
It wasn't my cup of tea, but it wasn't as boring as I thought it would be... the highlight for me would have to be the free gelati they were giving out at the Volkswagon stand... :)... It was also the highlight for Beth. :p It was interesting seeing all the different cars and we spent a lot of our time at the Subaru stand, Phan oogling the Liberty... me checking out the Forester... We spent a bit more than an hour then, and then came home thinking Beth would nap... but nope... she had napped for 2 hours at 10:30am... and then didn't got down for her afternoon nap until 4:45pm... which I think is going to throw our plans of going to church out the window... we'll see...

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