Monday, February 25

Did you know...

That you can leave comments on my blog entries? :)

Just click on the "Comments" link at the bottom of the blog entry wait for the popup window and follow the prompts... you don't need to have a blogger account as you can post anonymously...

So if you're a regular reader (or even a not so regular reader) - leave me some love... I'm interested in knowing who is keeping up with my (rather mundane) life... Make me feel like I'm not writing to myself... :)

Okay - on a separate note... tonight Beth was hilarious... Phan was lying on the floor after dinner and Beth decided to come up to him and straddle his stomach and then start bouncing up and down like Phan was some kind of show ride! Phan wasn't terribly impressed, because he'd just eaten dinner... but it was so funny!

Today we didn't do much... went to the park again in the morning before it started drizzling with rain and then after lunch Mel and Jack came and hung out with us... it was nice... it's bizarre, but I feel like we are more social butterflies here in Brisbane than we were back home in Adelaide... maybe because I'm forced to actually make the effort to get out the meet people... it's not a bad thing and it makes the time pass faster.


Anonymous said...

Hi Chook,

I'm loving these photos she is soooo cute gosh I miss her can't wait to give her lots of kisses. I promise I'll update my blog soon when I get a chance.

Love Bao

Anonymous said...

Hi Clara!
I'm reading your blog every day!!! Well every work day anyway. The BAE web blocker doesn't seem to be blocking all of your photos either so I get to see some of your handywork and keep updated on how cute Beth is becoming. Hey guess what... we are getting a puppy in about 3 weeks... a mini groodle, I can't wait, I'll email soon with some photos!


Amanda said...

Hi Clara! Just so you know, I have read every entry of your blog! Beth is soooo cute and I cant wait to one day meet her. Hopefully she'll still be a cute baby and not too grown up!! Love, Thao