Thursday, February 7

Walking progress and a heart attack moment...

Just a little update on how Beth is going on the walking front... well since she started walking last week, she has just progressed in leaps and bounds... she doesn't need coaxing to stand... she will just stand and walk if she feels like... sometimes I'll ask her to come to me thinking she will just crawl to me and she'll surprise me and stand up and start toddling over... tonight she was just standing and walking all over the place. I just love seeing how she's developing.

This morning she gave me the biggest heart attack... I was grabbing a bite of breakfast and Beth was sitting reading a book... next thing you know (and I'm talking the span of minutes here) I hear Beth yelling out ... and it sounded like it was coming from upstairs... so I raced up the stairs and find her at the top of the stairs, unable to go any further because of the baby gate and unable to get back down the stairs she had just climbed up so nimbly! At least she had the sense to yell out for help because she was stuck and not try and negotiate the stairs down! Gotta make doubly sure that gate at the bottom of the stairs is shut tight now all the time... she makes a speedy getaway up the stairs. She loves climbing the stairs... I let her climb them (crawling not walking) when I'm with her and we need to go upstairs... often 'cos it's so much easier than carrying her up the stairs myself... and she has so much fun doing it and I figure it's burning some energy off!

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