Sunday, February 17

Busy busy but very fun weekend.

My brain is turning a bit to mush from everything that's happened this weekend, so here's a few random recollections for now and I'll do a proper update later...

Saturday was Emily's Fairy Butterfly themed 3rd birthday party. It was sooo much fun... we all had a great time... lots of party games... lots of food.. and lots of noise! I'll go into more detail about the party later when I post photos (I took a tonne of photos, with a not too bad strike rate... and got arm cramp later on in the day because I have never held my camera with the 28-70mm lens and 580EX speedlite for so long before!)

Sunday - Phan had to do the sucky 14 hour shift... so he started at 8am and isn't home yet even as I write this blog entry. To occupy our day, Beth and I were going to go to the Newmarket pool, but the weather was a bit weird... spitting one minute, sunny the next and the overcast minutes later... so we ended up giving the pool a miss. I did take her to the park though with her little red car and let her walk all over an outdoor half-court basketball court... back and forth... back and forth... she loved it... no walls to stop her from walking! I tried to put her in the swing again, but she wouldn't have a bar of it... but she loooved the slippery dip! It was a biggish one and I just put her at the top and stood on the ground and held her hand and supported her a little and let her slide down and she thought it was the best fun! I gave her morning tea (a petit miam) at the park and then we came home after half and hour and Beth crashed and had her morning nap. We had yum cha scheduled in the Valley with Sharon, Col and Em at 11:30am and Beth woke up at the perfect time of 11:15am... just enough time to get her changed and jump in the car and still meet them on time. We ate at the Golden Palace... it was busy... but the food was delicious! Beth enjoyed sticky rice and bbq pork bun... and some noodles. After lunch, Sharon, Col and Em came back to our place (whilst waiting for some Chinese herbal medicine to be brewed... that's a whole other story though!) and I showed them through the bday photos and the girls played together... Em took a fancy to Phan's xbox steering wheel and was pretending to drive the bus and we were all the passengers.

That's pretty much it in a nutshell... but a couple of random things I have to mention about Beth -

She has a new game - it's called "let's climb into the laundry basket when there are clothes in it"... The laundry basket full of clothes was sitting on the floor and Beth just clambered in... and then when I put wet laundry into the basket, Beth climbed into it again! She thinks it's really fun.

Our new favourite fruit is rockmelon... very juicy... very messy... and Beth has to feed it to herself... and squeeze it so it drips and soaks through her bib and onto her top.

She found a packet of haw flakes that Sharon had given us and was playing with the packet ... next thing you know, she's managed to open the packet and has chewed off the top of one of the little packets and eaten half of one! Then when we caught her, she started cheekily running away from us and laughing... she knew she was doing something she wasn't supposed to be doing!

Beth understands what "bath time" means. In the evenings when we say "Time for a bath Elizabeth." She's look at us and then she'll scamper quickly to the foot of the stairs and wait for us to open the baby gate... and then she'll climb up the stairs and go straight into the bathroom! She's a clever cookie!

I'll end this entry with a sequence of photos I took from Em's bday party...

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