Sunday, April 3

Scrapbooking Sunday

First off at Owl Tree Studios, the new forums and gallery are open... and along with that there are some delightful new lovelies that have been released too -

Wild Blueberry Ink has released Felicity... It has such lovely bold bright happy colours that I can't help but smile at -


And this one also makes use of Joey Lynn's Fun Pack No. 4 Templates


Wild Blueberry Ink also release Hope last week and I used it with some of the elements in Felicity in these LOs -



There are also some new designers guesting at Owl Tree Studios for April... First is
Allison Pennington with this great collection Lulubelle


Little Miss Flexi

And Makita Studios is our other guest at Owl Tree Studios this month and has released this gorgeous kit Love In Bloom.



I've also been on a bit of a roll with the scrapping lately (I just worked out I did
38 LOs last month! That's a record for me!), so here's a couple more pages -

This one was for the March Copycat Challenge at Oscraps -


Oh and I learnt how to do clustering with a fabulous tutorial that Ona wrote as part of the March Techniques challenge at Oscraps... This is probably the first page I've ever really done proper clustering... and I'm pretty happy with how it turned out, even if I did spend several hours on it!


This one I scrapped 'cos I was feeling nostalgic about Elizabeth growing up...


Thanks for tuning in this Sunday, have a great week everyone!

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Suzanne said...

I never knew that there is an interesting portion at O named March Techniques challenge! I just searched for it and I am very much amazed at the wealth of information there. Thank you so much for sharing, Clara! You rock, girl!