Tuesday, April 19

Photo A Day - April 19 - I Dig Dinos

We spent a day at the museum today going to the "I Dig Dinos" exhibition/activities that are currently on during the school holidays... we caught up with some friends and the kids had a great time.

Photos all taken on the iphone, as I can't cope lugging around the DSLR when I have two kids in tow...

April 19 - I Dig Dinos 1

These shots taken when we first got to the museum. The first activity Elizabeth did was to do a crayon rubbing of a dinosaur and then she made a dinosaur out of plasticine and put it on display on the shelves with lots of other dinosaurs that other kids had made. Hers was called a "Sauruscrum/Crumstegasaurus" and it eats "trees, fish, dolphins and seeds"!

April 19 - I Dig Dinos 2

Those top photos are of this person dressed up as a very realistic dinosaur that made pretty damn scary dinosaur roaring noises... this is so something that I think Ty would have enjoyed seeing... (and for some reason, I can totally see Ty dressing up as this dinosaur). Quite a few of the smaller kids freaked out... and Elizabeth was a little nervous at first, but then she figured out it was just a person inside it when she saw the legs... smart cookie. The bottom photos are the girls dressed up as archeologists (but they look a lot like council workers if you ask me!) and they got to dig/fossick for dinosaur bones in this great big pit...

April 19 - I Dig Dinos 3

More fun... puzzles, looking at various things at the museum... and Catherine fell asleep all by herself in the stroller for the first time ever! :)

April 19 - I Dig Dinos 4

Dinosaur masks, dinosaur tails... and that was about as much activity as our munchkins could handle. Both girls fell asleep in the car on the way home.

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